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Alex Leach
a month ago

I love my piece by Gemma!

a month ago

I read great reviews about "Lines Unraveled" on Instagram, so I bought eBooks 1 + 2 and I LOVE THEM! The patterns changed the way I thought about sketching in a way that Zentangle wasn't able to. I highly recommend!

4 months ago

We love Gemma's originals - they really brighten up our living room! Thank you for the friendly, super fast (!) and accomodating correspondence!

4 months ago

I bought the ebook "Lines Unraveled" here from Gemma. The purchase process was very quick and very easy. Unfortunately I haven't had time to work with it yet. But it looks very appealing and inviting. The patterns presented are beautiful and explained step by step.
You can see in every detail with what joy and love Gemma does her thing. Thank you Gemma, you are truly inspiring. :-)

Leigh Williams
4 months ago

Great little ebook. Very easy to understand patterns to help people to understand the processes needed to create these beautiful artworks. Thank you also for the prompt delivery! How do I purchase Part 1? 😀

4 months ago

I am enjoying the workbook very much! Every pattern is clearly explained in several steps. Thank you so much, Gemma! You are so kind!

6 months ago

I'm so glad to have found Gemma's art and tutorials! They drew me in right away and I sent off for the DIY kit and tutorial booklet to learn more and I'm so happy I didn't wait. With her clear step-by-step process I had confidence to give it a try and even expand with my own ideas. The box kit includes a variety of pens I wouldn't have thought to get on my own so I'm really looking forward to experimenting with those! Thanks Gemma!!

6 months ago

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the world, Gemma. I purchased Lines Unravelled and it is very cool. Lots of clear, step-by-step instructions and areas to practice. Love it!

7 months ago

After seeing Gemma’s beautiful work on ig I wanted to give a new technique a try and ordered the box set for lines unraveled 2 - because hand made paper and some more sweet pens seemed like a real good deal to me. And what can I say: Best deal one could make! The set itself was beautifully wrapped and sealed with the cutest stickers. The different designs are a great addition to the other (more unfocused) scribbles I usually do and get explained well in the workbook. I‘m really happy and can highly recommend Gemma’s sets/kits. Thank you very much for your art and sharing your techniques with us :)

9 months ago

I purchased both parts of the digital Lines Unraveled and I received them by email overnight.. it was the best email to wake up to.. I enjoyed following along Gemma’s patterns and it was so exciting to see how my patterns unfold.. I purchased the digital versions as I wanted to be able to reprint them and practice my lines daily.. it’s part of my daily routine now..I love Gemma’s work and she’s one of my biggest inspirations.. Thank you Gemma and stay awesome ;)