DOTSbyGemma respects the privacy of all users of its site and considers it very important that this information is treated confidentially. DOTSbyGemma only uses your data to process orders as quickly and easily as possible. DOTSbyGemma will not share your personal information with others, unless they are involved in sending your order.



The website is managed by Gemma Rakels.

Company name: DOTSbyGemma

Business address: Rietven 76, 5751NJ DEURNE, Netherlands


Chamber of Commerce number: 74595563

VAT identification number: NL002342840B82



I only use the information provided by you to make your orders run as quickly and easily as possible. I will not sell and / or provide your information to third parties. Your data will only be made available to third parties if they are involved in the execution of your order. The only data I store to process your order are:

- First and last name: To direct your order to the right person.

- Address, zip code, city and country: So I know where to send the package!

- Phone number: So that I can reach you if something should go wrong.

- E-mail address: With every order you will receive an order confirmation as soon as I have received your order. As soon as I have sent your package you will also receive a shipping confirmation by email.

I use the Mollie platform to handle the payments in my webshop. Mollie processes your name, address and residence details and your payment details such as your bank account number. Mollie has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.



I use an Excel sheet to keep track of my administration. This information remains offline and is only shared with my accountant.



Without permission I will never send newsletters or unwanted advertising to you by e-mail or post.



DOTSbyGemma does not store your data longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was received.



What exactly are cookies? uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the hard drive or in the memory of the device you use to view this website. Information is stored in these text files. The cookies do not contain viruses and cannot harm your phone, tablet or PC. Will you come back to this website at a later time? Then your information is recognized and the cookies register that you view this website again.


Why do I place cookies?

I place these cookies to increase your ease of use for this website, but I also have a commercial interest. By placing cookies I can see what you find most interesting on my website and I can adjust my website accordingly. This way you can easily find everything on my website and I can organize my website as ideal as possible for visitors. Statistics are made of the information that I collect on this website. I use it for the following purposes:

- tracking the number of visitors to this website

- keeping track of where my visitors come from (geographic origin)

- determining the most visited pages on my website

- assessing which pages of this website may need to be adjusted (filter out poorly visited pages)

- determining traffic sources (how did you end up on my website: social media, referring site, etc.)


What types of cookies do I use?

My website uses both functional and tracking cookies. I use these to make the website function as well as possible and I use the analytical cookies to map your behavior on this website as well as possible. The cookies I place do not use any personal data.


Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary for the functioning of this website and/or webshop. Think of 'saving' products or services in the shopping cart, remembering your login details and keeping track of whether or not cookies may be placed.


Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies, such as my Facebook pixel, follow your visit to my website in order to build a profile of my website visitors. Based on this, the pixel can show you advertisements from me that you may be interested in. If you then visit a website in the same range in terms of advertisements, your device will be recognized. For example, you are searching for new shoes on a website and later that day you see an advertisement on Facebook for the shoes you loved.


Social media buttons

I use social media buttons on my website. With these buttons you can get in touch with me via social media and share my posts on your social media channels. Facebook and Instagram etc. place cookies on your phone, tablet or PC via these buttons. These cookies ensure the ease of use of the website and map your surfing behavior.


Sometimes I may make changes to the use of cookies on this website. I therefore recommend that you consult this cookie policy regularly. If you have any questions about the cookies I use or my privacy policy, you can contact me via