It all began very small, with tracing a phonenumber twenty times, drawing faces in the paper while talking to someone. Soon all the sidelines in all my notebooks were filled with drawings. Teachers always thought that I wasn't paying attention, but for me drawing was a way of filtering all the information. 

In my third year of art school we had a free period of three months, in which we got the time to discover whatever we wanted (as a preparation for our graduation year). During these three months I did nothing else but draw, line after line. Soon I discovered that working in a circle worked really well for me, it calmed me. The shape of the circle also inspired me to choose the name DOT. For months I filled circle after circle with the most complicated patterns. In that moment I knew that I would never get enough of it and that I found my style. One and a half year later I started my company DOTSbyGemma.

Are you interested in one of my original doodle dots? Check out my webshop, there are a lot of originals available there.