Hi, I'm Gemma, the face behind DOTSbyGemma. I'm 26 years old and I live in Den Bosch (The Netherlands) together with my boyfriend Rik. I graduated in 2018 as an art teacher/art educator from ArtEZ Arnhem. 

After graduating, I didn't immediately know what I wanted, but I did have dreams: I really wanted to work in a museum. In addition, I was and am addicted to drawing. I wanted to do more with this and most of all it was a big dream of mine to start my own brand. I needed a plan and decided to start working in a clothing store. I worked by day in the store and filled every evening with working on my own brand (making drawings, recording videos, building website etc).

After a lot of trial and error I got to know myself and my work better and better. In 2019 I started  DOTSbyGemma. Once I decided to give up my salaried job and go completely for DOTSbyGemma, I felt excited and super scared at the same time. However, there was nothing I would rather do, so I just took a leap of faith and went for it. Via via I ended up at a small museum in Deurne (where I was born and raised), where I started as project leader for a large education project for children. After six months, this project came to an end, but I was asked to stay at the museum as an education employee. Since then I have been working two days a week at Museum De Wieger in Deurne and I really love it.

My original art:

In my art I'm looking for accessibility and peace. My drawings are my way of relaxing. The repetition of the same action, always the same rhythm never gets boring. I strive for perfection. My work is about craft, the act and concentration. I am a perfectionist, structured, focused, organized, but above all super enthousiastic.

In the meantime DOTSbyGemma has grown into so much more than I could ever have hoped for. I attend fairs and art markets, give workshops, have my own product line, but I also spend a lot of time drawing. I make murals, lots of doodles, work with watercolors, but also sell all kinds of other products. (such as magnets, stickers and tote bags) As a freelancer, every day looks different and that is refreshing! I work on several projects at the same time and I really enjoy my work.


Questions? Curious? Send an email to info@gemmarakels.nl or leave a message via contact.