Hi, my name is Gemma Rakels, the face behind DOTSbyGemma. I am 24 years old, live in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) and I am an artist and art educator. In 2018 I graduated from ArtEZ Arnhem, where I got my bachelors degree in Fine Art and Design in Education (a complicated name for art teacher).

After art school I had a lot of dreams: I wanted to work in a museum, draw every day and above all I wanted to start my own brand. Full of hope I started working and after a while it went better and better. Now I always go to work with a smile. On tuesdays and thursdays I work in a little museum in Deurne, next to that I started my own business: 'DOTSbyGemma' in 2019. With my own brand DOTS I design my own line of products, go to artfairs and give workshops, but mostly I draw a lot! I make portraits, murals, a lot of doodles and I also sell a lot of cool products like: magnets, stickers and totebags.

As a self-employed artist every day is different and that's really refreshing and fun! I work on all kinds of different projects at the same time and I really really love my job.


My webshop is filled with cool DIY booklets, DOTSbyGemma products like magnets, stickers and postcards and of course you can check out all my available original artworks.

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